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You can check out video of our forum on important issues affecting the City of Rockville here and the pros and cons of 2013 ballot questions here.

Sample opinions of different authors are available under Position Papers. These opinions are of the authors only and may or may not represent the opinion of other members of the coalition. Older papers may be stored under Archives

There are several major story threads now developing in the City. The City has selected a new City Manager. Learn why this is so important and all about our new City Manager in Rockville Government.

 If you are as disappointed as we are about the low voter turnout in Rockville elections be sure to read Voter Participation. If you want to know why it is low and why it probably will go even lower read the new report The Future of Rockville

A number of story threads have to do with development in the City. Right now, development in the city is curtailed by a moratorium imposed by the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO). Get a personal analysis of the APFO to understand the moratorium.

The Mayor and Council recently approved the construction of a complex of high rise buildings near the Twinbrook Metro station. A report on that complex, 1592 Rockville Pike examines how tax revenue from that construction might have been used to help build schools in Rockville and how it got around the moratorium.

The purchase of the Fireside Apartments by a city agency, the Rockville Housing Enterprises (RHE), became a matter of controversy recently. The Fireside apartments had 236 apartments at very affordable rental rates, a rarity in Rockville, were placed on sale by the owner. A group in Florida offered to buy them for $36 million dollars with the intent of upgrading them and raising the rents. To avoid the loss of the affordable housing the RHE arranged to buy them. The Mayor and Council have agreed to the purchase. The details are discussed in the report Fireside.

Another major story thread is the controversy over a proposed parking lot adjacent to the Pumphrey Funeral Home on West Montgomery Ave. The Mayor and Council, on April 16 voted 3-2 to reverse the previous zoning and thus deny the parking lot. The funeral home has now sued the city. An introductory article can be seen at  Pumphrey Suit. Then read the update in the latest newsletter

The  Mayor and Council has chosen 12  members to review the city charter. The city website for The Charter Review Commission tells who the members are and the meeting times. For a discussion of whether the council should have four or six council members, see the report  How Many Council Members .

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